“We’ve measured hundreds and hundreds of toxic chemicals in the blood of babies that are still in the womb…Flame retardants, the chemicals in consumer products like personal care products, makeup, shampoos. It’s a very long list.”
My first reaction is horrified, and then so incredibly sad for the families who are struggling with mysterious conditions and have no idea that it’s the toxic chemicals in their environment making them sick. I wish I could totally eliminate this problem for every person I care about with the snap of my fingers! But I can’t, so instead I share and educate as many people as I can. Ignorance is most definitely not bliss when it comes to this. Knowledge brings with it the power to make better choices, and it’s truly not that hard.
Yes it means being more intentional and picky about what we allow in our homes and where we get it. Yes it means reading labels BEFORE you bring it home and making sure the ingredients are safe. Yes it means having to make it more of a priority in your budget to use better products than the junk you get at grocery store.
You only get one life with one body and so do your kids. You & your family are worth being intentional. Worth being proactive. Worth being protective.

2 thoughts on ““We’ve measured hundreds and hundreds of toxic chemicals in the blood of babies that are still in the womb

  1. The sad part is not being able to control the environmental factors. Ex, pesticides being sprayed on neighbors lawn, parks, etc…as one example. Oh and furniture, electronics as the article states. I’d be interested to do that same test, or that test before we started doing more organic safe products vs us now.

    1. We can’t control it but we do have something that helps our bodies deal with and detox from the toxins we come in contact with (hint – it’s oils ). I wish the problem could go away easily but in the meantime we have to intentionally use things to help counteract the effects and make sure we are supporting our body systems so they don’t get depleted and break down.

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